Caldo de Res (Beef Broth and other Variations)

Broth is very easy to make and a super versitile ingredient. Using storebought broth in your dishes may be more convineint, but if you have the time, using homemade broth adds a little something extra.

Nitza provides the base recipe for beef broth and provides a few other variations. The pictures displayed are for chicken broth, but all variations are essentially the same.

You can all add carrots, turnips, celery, leaks, etc. as you please.



Time: 3 hours
Makes about 4-5 cups


½ lb. flank steak
1 bone for broth
6 cups water
1 tbs. salt
3 garlic cloves
3 tomatoes
3 green peppers
1 bunch of parsley
1 onion



  • Cut the meat into about two or three inch pieces
  • Quarter all the vegetables and smash the garlic cloves 
  • Add all the ingredients into a saucepan and let them soak for 30 minutes
  • Put saucepan over high heat, and once the broth begins to bowl, lower to medium heat
  • Cover well and leave to cook for approximately 2 hours
  • Uncover and allow to cook for about another 15 minutes
  • Strain broth and allow to cool.
  • Remove layer of fat from the top once cooled


Other Variations:

  • Chicken Broth: Same recipe as above, but substitute the meat and bone for chicken or hen 
  • Fish Broth: Same recipe as above, but substitute the meat and bone for 2 lbs of fish or fish heads.
  • Turkey or Roast Chicken Broth: Instead of meat and bone, use the bones of a roaster turkey or chicken. Bones of roasted birds made a tasty broth.  


Notes & Comments:

  • Honestly, it's easier to buy broth from the market. However, making homemade broth does add a little something extra to a dish. I'd say it worth it to make if you have leftover meat and/or bones from a recipe.


Receta Original:




½ lb. de falda

1 hueso para sopa

6 tazas de agua

1 cda. de sal

3 dientes de ajo

3 tomates

3 ajíes

1 macito de perejil

1 cebolla


        Corte la carne en trozos de unas dos o tres pulgadas. Ponga todos los ingredientes en una cacerola. Déjelos en remojo durante media hora. Ponga la cacerola al fuego y cuando rompa el hervor baje la llama para que se cocine a fuego mediano durante dos horas aproximadamente. Debe mantenerse la cacerola bien tapada. Cuele el caldo. Da aproximadamente 4 tazas.

Caldo de Pollo: Hágalo como el anterior sustituyendo la carne y el hueso por pollo o gallina.

Caldo de Pescado: Hágalo como el anterior sustituyendo la carne y el hueso por 2 lbs de pescado o cabeza de pescado.

Caldo de Huesos de Pavo o de Pollo Asado: En lugar de la falda y el hueso, use el carapacho de un pavo o varios pollos asados. Esos huesos de aves asadas dan un sabroso caldo.

A todos estos caldos, puede añadírseles también zanahorias, nabos, apio, ajos puerros, etc.